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November 8, 2009

penn state nittany lion 150x150 About PennStateCentral.comThanks for visiting PennStateCentral.com.  This site is run solely by hard core Penn State fans and is designed for the most passionate Penn State fans.  We created this site to share news, analysis, opinions, thoughts, emotions, and internet tips on Penn State Sports.  We focus mainly on Penn State Football and Penn State Men's Basketball, but also cover other PSU sports topics such as Penn State Recruiting, the Big Ten, college sports, and other Penn State sports.

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The Penn State community is a very tech savvy one, and we are lucky to have many Nittany Lion sports relates resources on the web.  Check out Blogroll for all our favorite places to find information on Penn State athletics, whether it be news, opinions, blogs, message boards, or any other interesting stuff.

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