Coach Chambers 300x200 Will Penn State Mens Basketball Ever Change?Penn State Men's Basketball is well into the Big Ten schedule and things seem to be the same as they have always been.   We have a losing record, we get absolutely dominated in the Big Ten and best case we make the NIT Tournament (and that will be close).  Will things ever change in Happy Valley when it comes to Penn State Men's Basketball?

I have been a passionate Nittany Lion fan for over 20 years, and I don't really think I have seen much progress in Men's Basketball over that period.  If anything I have seen the further decline of a program, no matter who the coach is or where they play (in fact I think we had a better chance when we played at Rec Hall vs. BJC).

Of course there have been a few exceptions, a Sweet 16 appearance back in 2001 and an NIT title in 2009, but our inability to even maintain a .500 record and consistent apperances in the NCAA tournament is just down right pathtic for a school the size of Penn State.

So why is this, why can't a school like Penn State establish a winning tradition.  Is it the coaching, is it the lack of recruiting, is it the strength and conditioning program?

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Mauti 300x200 Season Recap: Pre WisconsinHeading into the Wisconsin game, my mind wanders and for some reason I am pulled to think about this season on the whole, a late season recap so to speak.  

Questions come to mind like are we better or worse than expected, how is this team different from the Paterno era and have there been any surprises compared to pre-season expectations for the 2012 squad. [click to continue…]


Nebraska 300x199 Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Children of the CornIt has been too long, my blogging frequency has been pathetic, but I am back.  Time to talk a little Penn State football and there is no bigger game for me than this week vs. Nebraska. 

For all of us who were either cheering for the Nittany Lions or in school like I was back in 1994, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are a team right, wrong or indifferent which we Penn State fans tend not to like.  I know, I know, it is not their fault for not winning a piece of the 1994 National Championship, it is the fault of the press and voting coaches, but since we don't know who those people are by name, we have pinned the blame on the Children of the Corn. [click to continue…]


We are One Team1 Penn State vs. Northwestern: A True TestThere is no doubt that over the last three weeks we have seen a Penn State team which has continued to improve in all facets of the game (well except for one but we will save that mess for another blog). But this week’s game vs. Northwestern will be a much better predictor of the type of season the Nittany Lions will have in 2012.

Beating teams like Navy, Temple and Illinois is always a good thing. But all three of these teams are average at best and ultimately none will end up with very good records at the end of the year. In fact none might end up with winning records.

But Northwestern comes to Happy Valley 5-0, having an explosive offense and a defense that has been good enough to win most games pretty handily. [click to continue…]


Allen Robinson 200x300 Penn State vs. Temple: Key Game For LionsPenn State finally got some good news last week, winning soundly against a pretty bad Navy team.  But for the team, the school, alumni and fans, a win is a win.  And we will take any sign of hope we can get. 

Up until last week, the offense struggled to score (which is all too familiar) and the defense had trouble 'getting off the field'.  But against Navy, things came together and Penn State put together a complete game and solid win.

But today's game vs. Temple will be a much better test to finding out what type of team Penn State has this year. [click to continue…]


Ohio Game 300x203 Penn State Must Move On from Ohio into UVA CountryWith the extremely disappointing Ohio game behind Penn State, it is time to move onto Charlottesville, to face the Hoos.

Last weeks game was a complete shocker for most of us Nittany Lions fans, the offense was average at best, but most suprisingly, the defense was horrid.

This week, the Lions will have to better in all facets of the game, but there are a few key areas to winning.

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Penn State Football: Dawn of a New Era

by Lions4Life August 31, 2012

If you visit this site often, you have noticed my absense.   But today is a new day and Saturday, September 1st is the dawn of a new erra.  Penn State will get back to showing our country our passion, our spirit and this year our resolve.  We Are Penn State, yesterday, today and tomorrow. The [...]

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A Rationale Analysis of The 2012 Penn State Football Schedule

by PSUglenn August 26, 2012

Well we are on the eve of the Penn State football season of 2012, and while this will be a season like no other in the school’s history (for many reasons I don’t want to discuss), there are games to be played and thus prognostications to be made. Prognosticating Penn State football in 2012 is [...]

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PSU Deserves Some Recognition for Recovering From The Fallout of 2011

by PSUglenn July 15, 2012

The PSU Athletic Department deserves tremendous recognition for recovering from the fallout of the events of 2011. With the hiring of Bill O’Brien, from the New England Patriots, the rebuilding from the fallout of Joe Paterno’s departure has begun. With the return of Matthew McGloin at QB, who threw for 1,571 yards and 8 TD [...]

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The Courage to Go On

by PSUglenn July 5, 2012

Jerry Sandusky’s day in court is past. While there are likely to be many more charges brought as the investigation continues, perhaps some of the healing can begin. Penn State has a long tradition of excellence that cannot be dismissed lightly. While some recruits have shunned the school, others have made the commitment and pledged [...]

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Famous Alumni of the Penn State Football Program

by PSUglenn May 28, 2012

Penn State has a decorated football program, with two national championships, three Big Ten titles, and numerous bowl appearances. Penn State also has had many great players, many of whom have gone on to have successful careers in the NFL; others have gone on to business opportunities (possibly the strangest being one alumni who runs a search engine marketing company in Edmonton AB).  The great thing about being a student-athlete at Penn State, or any other college or [...]

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What to Take with You to a Penn State Football Game This Fall

by PSUglenn May 6, 2012

The season opener for Penn State is less than four months away. Despite the seismic shock to the university and football program this past year, Penn State football is still alive and thriving. There is much to look forward to for the upcoming season, including the ushering in of a new era in Penn State [...]

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Is It Too Early to Talk Nittany Lion Football?

by DThomas March 30, 2012

While the calendar says later March – many in the PSU community are already moving their eyes towards a pair of important dates – April 21 and Sept. 1.  So I don’ think it is too early to start talking about Nittany Lion Football? For those that may be living under a rock, Saturday, April 21 is the [...]

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Why The Penn State Athletic Program is Still Premier

by PSUglenn March 29, 2012

Despite recent turmoil in the football program, Penn State University’s reputation stands as one of the premier Big Ten Conference schools for athletics. From football stars to volleyball players, Penn State provides an assortment of competitive sports and rigorous academics to prepare athletes for future careers. With 68 championships under its belt, Penn State prides [...]

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Can Penn State Three-Peat in Wrestling?

by Penn State Tech Fall March 21, 2012

With two consecutive National Championships in wrestling and what seems to be a dominating team coming back next year, can Penn State Three-Peat?

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